Friday, April 17, 2009

Why is 1888-556-5140 calling me?

On the first day it was available I registered for the Canadian Do Not Call List. The DNCL was an example of the government doing something right. After putting you phone number on the list telemarketers would be restricted from calling you. The exemptions are for registered charities, polling, newspapers, political parties and for companies you have bought or asked for services within the past 18 months.

With increasing frequency 1-888-556-5140 keeps popping up on my phone. A quick search finds that this number is registered to the ICT Group. The company has been in business since 1984 and their motto is "Outsourcing Expertise Beyond the Call". Companies outsource their customer service and marketing departments to ICT, who are professional telemarketers.

The companies using this service in Canada seem to be selling credit card insurance. They claim to be calling from the banks and ask for your information. Most of the major banks in Canada seem to be using this service. I never let them talk or pick up the phone but they continue to call daily. This seems like normal business practice for them.

Do the major banks in Canada really need more money? How many people does ICT have working for them that they can call little old me up to five times a day? Is it ethical to sell my information to a company who is doing business in some shady countries? If this has been going on since October is the Do Not Call List effective?

The only answer is STOP CALLING ME!

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Anonymous said...

Companies like that are such ball breakers