Monday, April 27, 2009

It's All Over : Here Comes The Swine Flu

Well six years after the onslaught of SARS, nature is having revenge on the human race with the Swine Flu. These global pandemics are a racists dream scenario. During SARS a coughing Asian was the source of evil stares. With the swine flu the Mexicans have already the blame pointed right at them. So get ready for some hate Latinos. Every time you cough, a death stare will be coming your way even if you're from El Salvador.

This is what happens when people take advantage of cheap vacation deals. With the recession combined with the drug war, prices for Mexican vacations were at an all time low. Never mind going to a place where you can't drink the damn water, now you can't eat a pork chop.Once again my rule to never go on vacation to a country where its citizens want to leave for someplace else shows its merit. This doesn't mean I'm blaming Mexico. I'm blaming Mexican pigs. That's a huge difference.

The White House is telling people not to panic. Then it declares a public health emergency. Shouldn't you stick to one message to make it convincing. The news is filled with stories recounting SARS or the flu pandemic of 1919. The disease is spreading worldwide from New Zealand to Canada. Sure, tell me not to panic but first put on a face mask and take a bath in Purell. By the way I'm not a stock market genius but the makers of Purell are Johnson & Johnson. They are listed as JNJ on the New York Stock Exchange.You should make a couple of bucks before the end of the world. The price of face masks is gonna skyrocket.

Hey I'm not panicking, but you better cover your mouth when you sneeze and wash your goddamn hands after using the toilet pigpen. You don't want the evil eye to come your way.

Will that replace this?

Images courtesy of the New York Daily News and this guy

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