Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shocker! You Might Lose Your Job If You Pose Nude.

Lets say you're a 20 year old woman. After cheerleading throughout high school you think you might want to have a future coaching it. Oh but in the meantime you decided to pose for Playboy Magazine and those pictures ended up on the internet. Do you think its a good idea to continue to pursue your dream of coaching cheerleading?

It sure is a great idea if you want to get seen on TV and continue your career as some sort of pseudo celebrity. Carlie Beker was a simple cheerleading coach. As a Playboy model she was known as Carlie Christine. The news of her "modeling" came out when a disgruntled failed cheerleader leaked the widely known news to the press or to the board. She was fired. In this economy this might be seen as a bad thing. What are the chances that Ms Beker has a feature coming out in some upcoming Playboy. There's a good chance when her MySpace mood is described as "ecstatic" and comment reads "MY DREAMS ARE FINALLY LAID OUT IN FRONT OF ME - AND I AM NOT AFRAID." Her page was on the first page of Google for chrissakes. How difficult was it for kids to figure it out.

We live in a society where dreams are counted in TV appearences. Where public humiliation is seen as a boon and not a curse. Where the news reports stupid shit, thats just rehashed in blogs.

By the way how funny is the one dad they showed in the news report? He apparently had no problem with the playboy model coaching his kid. Do you think hes a dad or the creepy guy in the pickup who checks out the practices?

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