Tuesday, April 7, 2009

White People Is Taking Back the World : Eminem Returns


The Greatest Rapper alive has returned to take back the throne from all the pretenders. Marshall Mathers has come out of hiding and the result is "We Made You". That means that Kenya West, Little Wayne and Heavy D can go back home to mommy because there is room only for one big dog in Hip Hop City and that dogs name is Eminem. Well Kenya can't go home cause he didn't pay for quality plastic surgery for his mom.

The song is pure utter genius. With his signature machine gun flow he lets loose on a series of targets. Rat a tat tat. Finally someone has let celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Elvis and Sarah Palin hear what the public really thinks of them. Way to take on the tough targets Slim! Doctor Dre takes time out from his medical practice to make a cameo appearance.

Some critics are already saying that "We Made You" is a copy of all the other comedy dress up videos Eminem releases as his first single. As a fan I disagree. There are no mentions of his mom or his ex wife in this one. I hope he raps about his drug addicted mom or his whore of an ex-wife in his next song. We haven't heard nearly enough about them!

The years haven't been kind. Image of Eminem from a recent photo shoot for White Guy Weekly

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