Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The HDTT 2009 Maple Leafs Playoff Preview

It's time for the most exciting time of the year. After an 8 month regular season the warriors of winter get set for the heartstopping 2 month battle to hockeys holy grail. The most prestigious trophy in sports is the Stanley Cup. That is if you don't count the World Series, the Super Bowl, an Olympic Gold Medal, the Little League World Series, the African Rugby Trophy and a whole bunch of other trophies Americans don't care about. Luckily our local heroes the Toronto Maple Leafs have decided to sit out this grueling affair and work on their golf swings.

It looks like a successful year on the links for the Buds. Record profits will enable some of the players to get memberships in some of the most prestigious clubs in the region. I'm sure some of them will even go to courses in Scotland to work on their short game. They can also get to know some of the Raptors better as they also managed to get some time off by sucking ass this year.

On the ice it wasn't such a successful year. They managed to both miss the playoffs and miss out on drafting John Tavares, who is widely tabbed to be the Next Great Magnificent One. Their biggest acquisition was Brian Burke as the GM. Burke who has wasted many years watching in cold rinks as successful teams he has managed play into May and June will get a chance to work on his drive.

The person I feel sorry for is Mats Sundin. His Vancouver Canucks managed to make the playoffs and he can only hope that the St Louis Blues can triumph so he too can get back to some of the beautiful courses in his native Sweden. After years of getting extra vacation time, he will be forced to wait and watch as his former teammates drive their carts around beautifully manicured greens.

The players will be off until September when training camp puts their days on the links on hold until next April.

Golf Leafs Golf!

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Diavoli said...

What I love about Mats Sundin is his courage to play for a team that has the management and vision to try and make the playoffs and win a Stanley Cup. It was so easy in Toronto, don't need to make playoffs, the Teacher's Pension is happy with the bottom line that was made monopolizing the largest Hockey Market on the Planet...Hats off to you Mats for braving something new.