Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If Only This Were True : Black Friend Finder

I never understand why I get accused of racism on a daily basis. This shocks me as I would have voted for Obama If I was American. Whenever I talk to a black person I always try to make them feel comfortable. I always compliment them on their eloquence. The conversation is always focused on something they are interested in like basketball or the latest rap video. Heck I used to like rap "back in tha day" before it got so gangster which shows how I try to talk at their level by droppin' my g's . Don't forget throwing in some slang to help them understand what I'm talking about. As a Greek I should get a free lifetime pass because of how well Mr Papadopoulos treated Webster. He was their little baklava!

Did I mention how much I love Obama?

It's too bad the video from Funny Or Die is not a real service. Yeah I checked. Imagine if this were true. You could always point to a picture of you with a black person and say "Hey I have a black friend" whenever you were accused of racism. I have a dream too, Reverend King, and thats to have a fake black friend.

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