Monday, April 20, 2009

Attempted Hijacking in Jamaica : This is no time for a 420 joke!

An attempted hijacking on the tarmac in Jamaica was thwarted by the actions of the countries defence force. A troubled young man had forced his way past unarmed security and on to the Canjet flight destined for Halifax. I guess the security was unready seeing as it's 420 and you know how those Jamaicans love the ganja!

I'm sorry. That seems uncalled for. Wait a second didn't Canjet go bankrupt?

The attempted hijacker was upset due to a failed relationship. There is no news if this was his dealer or the marijuana itself.

I'm sorry. There is no need to joke about a drug dealer. They are usually very efficient and the dope in Jamaica is quite good.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered his jet to some of the stranded passengers. He was too wasted to come back anyway.

I'm sorry. Harper suffers from glaucoma and it is medicinal.

Seriously though congratulations on the well run operation. All the crew and passengers were safe and the hijacker was arrested.

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