Saturday, April 11, 2009

Da Kink In Their Budget: Global Really Needs Our Help

ET Canada. Only on Global. Where else but on CTV, CBC, Muchmusic, Star, City TV or MTV Canada could you a Canadian view on Hollywood news?

It's gutcheck time for Global TV. We recently pleaded with the government to bailout this great Canadian company. Canwest Global, the parent company of Global TV recently released it's financial results and it seems that things are getting worse. The company is carrying anywhere from 3.7 to 4.1 billion dollars in debt. In the last quarter Canwest lost 1.44 billion dollars on revenue of $637 million dollars. How did this great company run up a debt when it's biggest expense is putting a Global logo on it's American programming?

The answer is simple my friends. They are being punished for entertaining us. Our pleasure is their pain. It's time for us, the recipient of all this pleasure to pay up for the good of Canada. Imagine a world without Global for a moment. Sure we could get all the shows currently on Global on the internet, from American stations and CTV would probably pick some up. Does CTV have that Global logo? No.

What about information. Global News consistently ranks in the top 3 in the national news. Where would all those Canadians go to get informed? Just because CBC and CTV produces a better newscast doesn't necessarily mean their viewers are more informed. What about the viewers with broken remote controls? Should they have to trek all the way to Best Buy or The Source to get a new one. They would have to if Global was erased from our screens. Don't forget about the National Post and the rest of their newspapers. Hotels and gas stations would be forced to giveaway the Globe and Mail instead of the Post. The 27 National Post subscribers who actually pay would be left without filler for their birdcage. Bird poop would litter the streets causing an ecological disaster.

The choice is simple. The choice is choice. In a global world, Canada would be lost without Global. Stephen Harper, the future of Canada is in your hands.

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