Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The True Cost of Free Coffee At McDonalds

For the next two weeks Canadian streets will be eerily empty of old people in the morning. The malls will have no walkers. Is it because the plot of Cocoon is actually taking place? Has an evil supervillain concocted a scheme to harvest their body parts. Well of course not. McDonalds is introducing a new Coffee brew and to celebrate are giving away a free small coffee between 5am-1030am.

This latest promotion is part of McDonalds global push into the lucrative coffee game. The coffee served at Mickey D's used to be hot brown water served in a flimsy styrofoam cup. It's only use was as a means to spill on yourself and sew the bejeezus out of the company. As it watched companies like Starbucks and Tim Hortons cut into their market it was forced into action. This latest attempt follows on a coffee relaunch a couple of years ago. In many countries they have introduced McCafes and include cappucinos and espresso on their vast menu.

The coffee isn't bad and is certainly better then what is served at Tim Hortons or Dunkin' Donuts. I think what makes the coffee better is the sweat and blood of the child workers who pick the 100% Arabica beans that make up this Premium Roast Coffee. While it makes me feel better to buy a fair trade coffee, it just doesn't have the extra oomph added through the desperation of an exploited third world worker.

Cheapskates can also go to Starbucks with a travel mug on Earth Day and receive a free Pikes Place Roast. That's coffee with the added taste of smug liberal self importance. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

What the hell am I doing reading this blog, when Mc D's is giving away free coffee!

Diavoli said...

What am I doing reading this post period!!!