Monday, April 20, 2009

Screw You Susan Boyle : Greeks Also Have Talent

The interwebs have been abuzz since the debut of Susan Boyle of Britains Got Talent. That horrible song is stuck in the head of everyone who has heard it. She showed us that you don't have to be beautiful to have a decent voice. She has received offers worldwide including one to lose her virginity on film.

Well a father and son dancing duo want a bit of the attention as well. Well hopefully not the porn. The Greek Cypriot Duo known as Stavros Flatley were a hit on the talent/freak show that is a British TV hit and a worldwide phenomenom. While also showing off their "funky" dance moves the duo is also publicizing the plight of the divided island of Cyprus. They are also probably the victim of millions of Big and /or fat and/or Greek jokes.

Is this the British version of the Biggest Loser?

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Diavoli said...

You think Simon Cowell just has too much over exposure? Like good for him for doing well but isn't there a time when celebrities just disappear for a while and enjoy their royalty cheques and aren't heard from again???