Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UPDATE: BK Pulls Texican Ad

In a stunning reversal Burger King has bowed to pressure and pulled its Texican Whopper ads. The controversial ad was a cause celebre on the blogosphere. The Mexican Government had also lodged a complaint due to its portrayal of Mexicans as short, masked wrestlers.

This is the change that Obama had promised? A strong multinational corporation has bowed to pressure from a third world government. If George W Bush was still in power the ad would have been even more offensive. Do you think that BK would have cowardly pulled the ads if W was in power? Sure the ad was stupid and unfunny and it offended most of the Burger King workforce, but you don't listen to the Mexican Government. Mexicans don't listen to their government.

In BKs defence you don't want to piss off their Mexican workers. Then you would have to hire white trash like at Domino's. The results are dangerous. White people are stupid and tape the nasty stuff they do to your food.

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Diavoli said...

You think it was a third world government, what yo don't understand that it was from the pressure's of this blog exposing Burger King for what it was doing. Just imagine if this blog even commented a bit on the Tea Bagging parties that were being held April 15th...