Thursday, April 16, 2009

Running Away From T.O, Bills QB Visits T.O

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Trent Edwards recently visited a school in Pickering, just east of Toronto. A Grade 2 student, Dallas Earle won a contest after she wrote an essay in the Take a Player to School contest sponsored by the NFL. Dallas, named by her dad after the Dallas Cowboys and not the famous movie was ecstatic that a player came to her school to talk about bullying. Sadly for her father, who really should have known better than to name his child Dallas, the player was from the Bills.

Its too bad this talk didn't happen after the season. The Bills high profile acquisition of Terrell Owens is going to teach Edwards more about bullying then he has ever known. This is the same player that destroyed Donovan McNabb and called Jeff Garcia a homosexual amongst the tonnes of other things he has done. He was too much for the Cowboys and they had a team full of cocaine addicts in the nineties.

So now a 2 year vet from Stanford is going to have to tread where others with more experience have failed. In a city where the Bills are the only thing going for most of the citizens. During a season Owens is going to be taping a VH1 reality show. I've seen VH1 reality shows and they seem to generate the most ratings when they are scandalous.

Good Luck Trent!

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