Monday, April 20, 2009

Adidas : Nutcracker Sweet

Adidas is locked in a life or death struggle with Nike for athletic supremacy. Since Michael Jordan signed with the American shoemaker the Germans have been trying to catch up. Nothing they have done since the late 80's has managed to top the iconic "Just Do It" slogan or the image of the Jumpman. One of their latest campaigns has a variety of soccer stars showing off on the practice field. One of the ads features Steven Gerrard of Liverpool and "Oh you beauty" fame kicking a ball in clay pigeons. The one above featuring Michael Ballack shows him kicking someone in the balls.

Ballack is the captain of the German National Team and stars for English Premiership powerhouse Chelsea FC. He has lost both the Champions League Final and the World Cup Final. As this ad shows he has terrible aim when shooting the ball. This is not helped by the Adidas boots he is wearing, nor the Adidas ball he is using. A man either a coach or a local sado masochist is holding a massive hoop for him to shoot the ball through. It is not disclosed if the hoop is made by Adidas. Instead of shooting the ball through a hoop a few feet away from a standing position, Ballack manages to hit der hoden.

Watching someone get hit in the balls is funny. It's a classic bit that has enabled America's Funniest Home Videos to last 80 years and features in 75% of all youtube videos. Does this make me want to buy the shoes that Ballack is wearing in the ad? Do I even remember the shoes that he is weaing in the ad? Does Nike have anything to worry about?


Diavoli said...

As a person that was almost tempted to buy an Adidas shoe 15 years ago, I'd have to say that this ad makes me uphold my decision not to buy it. You only buy Adidas for soccer shorts that are comfortable and cool to sleep in and zip up jackets. I really think its the logo very bland, no imagination how can the three lines compete with a swoosh?

Anonymous said...

I do believe the Editor in Chief has, owns, and wears Adidas. Long live the Editor in Chief and his contradictory views.