Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Starbucks Hates Children

A recent Toronto Star article shines the light of truth on yet another big, bad corporation. American coffee giant Starbucks might want to rethink their pledge to contribute positively to our communities and environment after a recent Star investigation.

On a recent lovely Sunday Morning a couple of Girl Scouts escorted by their mother were selling cookies outside of a Starbucks outlet. Everyone loved the cookies and they were doing brisk business in a tony neighbourhood in Toronto. An ornery manager, displeased on the effect the girls fundraising efforts were having on baked good sales came to the girls in a huff. The manager demanded they leave the property and sell their cookies near a nearby garbage can by the street. Their mother was closeby and was outraged that the greedy corporation would be so mean to the girls. The Star saves the day!

Get out of my way!
At least that's the story the Star is giving. Frankly I'm a frequent Starbucks customer. If I'm on my way to get an Americano at 10 am on a Sunday the last thing I want is a couple of girls trying to guilt me into buying their delicious but fattening cookies. There's enough parents trying to push their kids chocolate covered peanuts at work. The "manager" of the outlet is probably a poor liberal arts grad working on her poetry and making 9 bucks an hour. A high powered exec isn't doing a barista shift on Sunday Morning. The kids undoubtedly annoyed a couple of customers and the poor sap had to deal with it instead of talking about the poetry slam she went to the night before. Instead of being called a hero, she is probably out of a job, playing her guitar and singing her shitty songs outside the same Starbucks. The "poor" mother is probably a member of the same tennis club as an editor at the Star and got this idiotic story in the paper.

Sell your cookies at work momma, I just want my coffee in peace damnit!

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Diavoli said...

I'll have a dopio Long Espresso please and could you please remove the little girls from the front door because they are inconveniencing me...Thank You, I Love the Decor!!!