Saturday, April 11, 2009

What A Deal : $100000 Home In Woodbridge

Have I got a deal for you. What would you think if I told you that the property pictured was on the market for under $100000? This beautiful 4894 Square Foot home in Woodbridge with 2 baths and 8 bedrooms is currently on the market for $99900. This 3 storey home "features formal living and dining rooms, a family room, laundry room and a two-car garage. Details include hardwood floors throughout, carved wood moldings &a wood-burning fireplace."I'm not crazy or a Nigerian prince asking for money. This is the real deal and there's no catch. You can even check out the listing and discover that the house is in the historic Woodbridge District in Detroit.

This home is one of 7 Detroit bargains featured on CNN. Apparently things are getting pretty bad in the Motor City, or have been since the 1960's. How bad can things be when a $100000, let alone one for $14000 arre not the cheapest homes available on the block. Now race riots, "8 Mile" and the poor showings of it's major industry may have hurt the city over the past 50 years. For too long Detroit has been synonymous with the worst that America has to offer. The feeling that the American Dream is actually a horror movie nightmare. It's time to look on the bright side of Detroit!
Toronto can only dream of a Pro Hockey Team!
Motown has many things Toronto can only achieve in it's wildest dreams. While Toronto is still waiting for professional teams, Detroit sports teams have recently won championships in hockey and basketball. The football team sucks but no team has sucked as bad as the Lions. Gambling addicts have three full fledged casinos in the city and crack is cheap and plentiful. The musical heritage is well known. Musicians like the White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock, Eminem and the entire Motown Records roster came from Detroit. Sure they got the hell out of there at the first taste of success but they were from there and that's what counts.

Don't forget it's close to Windsor, and everything looks good compared to Windsor.
All that and cheap housing. That's Detroit.

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