Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google Wants to Mess With Your Swerve: Street View Attacks

Image courtesy of smh.com.au

Beware ! If you spot this car, or any compact car with a bizarre looking camera mounted on a steel pole get the hell away. It's the Street View Car and as it takes pictures of landmarks and non descript streets it will also ruin your game.

A British Man found this out the wrong way. His wife was checking her friends homes on Street View. When she searched the address of one of her more promiscuous friends she discovered a shocking truth. Her husbands car was parked outside the sluts house. The couple is now heading to divorce court and the husband now uses Yahoo! Google is probably going to announce Google Divorce as the next app to take advantage of the phenomenon.

While the privacy concerns are many, Street View allows you to take a peek at some of the most famous addresses in the world as they looked a couple of years ago. It lets you see UFO's too.

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str8h8 said...

Google's no different than starbucks, they're both trying to take over the world