Friday, March 20, 2009

Could you pick up a steak, 2 bagels and touch of fabulous in aisle 5

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Take that Paris and New York. Toronto once again screams world class by having it's own fashion week showcasing the best in haute couture. Eat bellbottoms Yves St Laurent, get to the discount bin Gucci, there's a new(ish) kid in town and he doesn't have to be showcased in the finest stores in the world. His name is Joe and he has a "fresh take on fashion".

Joe Fresh is an exclusive fashion brand available at Loblaws branded supermarkets across Canada. It was created by the supermarket giant in partnership with the unemployed founder of Club Monaco to allow consumers to add a bit of fashion to their supermarket buggy. It also allows them to compete with the chic George brand available at Wal Mart. That is if you define compete as trying not to get crushed by Walmart.

The cheap chic ethic exemplified by Joe, George and H&M, the Swedish behemoth of disposable fashion survives on cheap basics and the belief that clothes dont have to survive multiple washings or be well made to be worn be worn by fashionistas. In a recession you look good, not by wearing the best in clothes or cosmetics, but saving money by not washing clothes that will fall apart the first time they meet Tide. By the way Joe Fresh is making cosmetics now. Think of all the savings caused by cosmetics you wouldnt want to be seen wearing outside of your home or a clown college.

In other fashion news SI swimsuit model Jessica White claims she can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight, including chili, chip and wings. It's her "see food"diet. She sees food on her plate, she eats it, she sees it again 10 minutes later. Metabolism is another word for bullshit.

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