Monday, March 30, 2009

Blame It on Bosh

Chris Bosh is one of the good guys. A couple of years ago I saw him wait for five minutes to take a picture while a fan tried to figure out his camera. Since being drafted by the Raptors in 2003 he’s become a fan favourite, an all star, a member of Team USA and a viral video phenom. There has never been a bad word spoken of Chris Bosh. Until now that is.

Chris Bosh is not going to be a member of the Raptors for long. It started with an ESPN report that he wanted a trade. Currently his paternity suit is all over the papers. The real truth is that Bosh either wants out or the Raptors don’t think he’s worth the maximum money the other members of his draft class will get. He’s good but he’s not LeBron or Dwayne Wade good.

So instead of honesty it’s time for an age old Toronto sports reporter trick. When the players are valued members of the team nary a bad word is spoken. They write features extolling your virtues, your charity work and your family values. You can cheat on your wife, have a VIP table at the Brass Rail, and sell illegal Bolivian fireworks for all they care.

When the team knows it can’t keep you the skeletons suddenly leap out of the closet. Roberto Alomar went from future hall of fame good guy to Skydome Hotel lothario in weeks. Everyone in the city knew he was a humping machine, but it only became NEWS when he was on his way out. Then he spit on an ump.

From the looks of it Bosh and his ex fiancĂ©e grew apart but he was going to support his child. All of a sudden the relative merits of child support in Texas and Delaware are being discussed in Toronto Star Sports. Is he selfish because he wants the case argued in Texas, a notoriously tough state for women? Go ask Nancy Grace because I for one don’t give a damn

Bosh will follow every single player of note in Raptors history when he eventually leaves. Maybe there’s something in the organization, but we’ll never know. The “reporters” of the Star & the Sun would never bite the hand that feeds them.

I guess it's expecting too much for a team named after a brief mid 90's dinosaur fad to amount to anything.

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str8h8 said...

I'll tell you what pisses me off about the Raptors...they take EVERY decent rookie, give them the experience in the NBA that they need, then let them go when they're reached/approaching their prime. The list is massive; Damon Stoudamire, Antonio Davis, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Marcus goes on and on, but if I keep thinking about it I'll go into cardiac arrest or something.

str8h8 said...

"they're reached/approaching", on line 3, was meant to be "they've reached/approached" for those of you who are grammar Nazi's...It's interesting that because I hate as much as I do, I'm forced to anticipate an attack from all angles...fuckers