Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad Business Idea: Terrorist Training Video Home Workout

Remember those terrorist training video clips shown on CNN or FOX? Didn’t they make you think back to your days in elementary school where you were blissfully unaware of the world around you? Didn’t it make you stop and wonder whether you could still climb across those bars? Didn’t it make you wanna get up and work out? Well…didn’t it?

If you answered yes, then the “Abdullah El-Rahimi: Train Like a Terrorsist Home Training Video for Infidels” is right for you. In just a few short weeks, you too will also be able to drag your grown ass body across the local schoolyard monkey bar set with the ease of a 7 year old girl.

The video comes complete with 1 balaclava, 1 pair of Chinese slippers that don’t do shit to protect your feet from rocks or anything remotely pointy, assorted rags (some assembly required), and a grainy video in VHS format.

The video will cover some advanced training techniques like:
• Walking
• Slow running
• Crawling and rolling around on the ground
• Standing around
• Pointing
And as a special bonus we'll include training on how to:
• Throw rocks

Still not convinced? Then check out this video sent in by one of our satisfied customers trying out some of the fancy moves for himself.

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