Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Red Eye For Canada?

Image courtesy of the Washington Times

Red Eye is a overnight flight on an airplane. It is also what you call a brewed coffee with an added shot of espresso. Now Canadians also know it as a show that hates Canadians on Fox News.

Fox News Red Eye is a "comedy news show" on Fox. In this case comedy is defined as annoyingly unfunny. It is hosted by Right Wing Blogger Greg Gutfield and may have been created as a Right Wing alternative to the Daily Show. Every show features his hipster doofus co host, a "comedian" and a woman, usually a semi attractive Fox News Host wearing a short skirt. They will usually comment on the attractiveness of the women. It comes on at 3 am EST, after the fifth repeat of O'Reilly and Hannity. It's primary audience seems to be right wing stoners and insomniacs. No one really gives a shit about the show. The shamwow infomercial it competes against gets better ratings and offers better political commentary.

This week Red Eye made it into the news for the first time in it's short history. A segment featuring the wacky crew mocking our military made the Canadian News and Mr Gutfield was forced to offer a press release apology. Canadians were outraged. The same Canadians who protest the war, recycle their poppies and regularly mock our own military effectiveness. But it was a 3 am American cable news show that was the source of this outrage.

What about the facts behind the story. The Canadian Military doesn't have enough mechanics to keep their vehicles in service past 2011. The personnel is overstretched and needs a break. That's the real joke. The government is sending troops overseas to take part in a mission without the necessary resources. They're coming back on the Highway of Heroes and what pisses people off is some asshole with a TV show without an audience. Just because it is on Fox News.
Sometimes the fool is the wisest man.


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