Monday, March 30, 2009

Kumon is a sad place, and I know nothing about Kumon

As a child I was never sent to any special school to help me learn more better. I don't recall ever having a tutor to teached me stuff, and I certainly don't recall paying attention in class, and I turned out just fine.

Nowadays parents think that they have to start the learning process early by sending their kids to places like Montesorri schools (more like Monte"sorry") and KUMON. Now I don't know much about KUMON, (except for the fact that it was started 50 years ago by a Mr Toru Kumon who was trying to help his kids with Math. Kumon was later imported to the States in 1974) but what I do know, is that the sign on all of the schools doesn't look very happy.

Do you really want to subject your kids to that kind of sadness? Do you want to send them to learn under the banner of a confused looking "O" just so that they'll get a leg up on the other kids in class? Have you no shame?

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