Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Canadian Government Must Bailout Global TV

Image courtesy of ABC Family

The American Government hasn't got a clue. Barack Obama and his spendocrats are giving billions of dollars to all the wrong places. How are things like infrastructure projects to build bridges that don't fall, bailing out banks which bought subprime mortgages, (would you ever buy something called subprime beef?) and saving car companies which forgot how to make decent cars in the fifties, going to help the average citizen? If you said jobs, access to capital and safety then go back to school and take a class in common sense taught by Stephen "The Real Hope" Harper.

Canada has the answer. The bailout money should go to a company like Canwest Global. A company which has produced mediocre news & faithfully rebroadcast widely available American Television Transmissions for 75 years (give or take). If it wasn't for Global we would have to watch channels from Buffalo with ads from Lockport Gambino Ford reminding us how cheap cars are in the USA. Scary

Some people may say they made a mistake partnering with Goldman Sachs & borrowing billions to finance their acquisition of channels like Showcase last year as the economy was imploding. Others may claim that buying newspapers in 2000 was a stupid move because the internet was making newspapers irrelevant and was only done for political motives.

Sure you may have some that say Global has never produced a single piece of programming that has contributed to Canadian Culture in it's history, but those people probably never saw an episode of Falcon Beach. What other programming geniuses could have created a show starring thirty year olds playing teens about a fictional summer retreat in Manitoba? Because when I think about hot fun (and big mosquitos) in the summertime, I always think about Manitoba. And don't forget other cultural gems like ET Canada, or that other show they produce to entertain shut ins on Saturday Nights who don't like hockey and uphold the absolute minimum in the requirements mandated by the CRTC.

What's that? Some nervous nellies may bring up the spectre of what influence the public money would have on a private broadcaster. Well if you think the Conservatives could have any influence on the editorial direction of Canwest Global then you, like most Canadians have never read the National Post.


Anonymous said...

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The correct spelling is "Grammar". You should also consider enrolling in a spelling and grammar program.

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