Friday, March 27, 2009

Interweb History: Greatest Video Ever

The year was 2006. Canada turned to Stephen Harper to lead the nation into better economic times. Zinedine Zidane retired after the headbutt heard around the world. Daniel Craig showed us that James Bond didn't have to have brown hair. And an investigative reporter from Cleveland named Carl Monday showed us that public libraries are a cesspool of depravity. Then someone put that report on the internet. Then that poor idiot from that report was charged because he was caught playing with himself watching porn in the library. That the Daily Show tried to top it and failed shows that this is the greatest video on the internet ever.

The follow up report isn't half bad either.

Carl Monday Vs Library Pervert Part 2 - Watch more Funny Videos

Don't worry sickos the library may be closed but you can always head to the 24 hour Car Wash. In October a Michigan resident named Jason Leroy Savage went in for a wash and ended up getting caught having sex with the car wash vacuum. Mr Savage was jailed, but the vacuum has been in therapy since the incident.


str8h8 said...

The only reason why this moron got away scott free from jail time, is because of that fucking POWER STACHE he's sporting!! Bada ba ba ba, I love his stache

str8h8 said...

To be honest with you, this guy should have no reason to jerk off PERIOD, let alone in a public library. If he dragged his sorry ass to a club, he'd have no problem picking up with that POWER STACHE...I know at least 46 broads that would fuck him. Maybe he should consider a move to Canada?