Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Matthew Perry Gets His Own Search Engine

Life after "Friends" has been tough for many of the stars of the hit TV show. Courteney Cox has become an ad for Botox, Jennifer Aniston lost the sexiest man in the world and Matt LeBlanc is a step away from starring on a VH1 reality show. Things are looking up for Matthew Perry. While his TV show was cancelled and his movie career stalled after "The Whole Nine Yards" he recently costarred as the old Zac Efron in one of those switceroo time travel movies. Oh and Microsoft named their new search engine after him.

Well not after him, but his beloved character, Chandler Bing. In it's latest attempt to take on Google and ultimetly fail, Microsoft has introduced Bing.com. Surpringly the name was not taken by a crazed Matt Perry fan. Bing.com is not a search engine, but a decision engine. If you type in a name of a movie, it will show you local showtimes. If you tyoe in the weather for the city it will show you automatically. Unfortunately if Microsoft types in 2005 it will not take them back in time to when Google introduced these features.

While an improvement over "Live Search", Microsoft will have to rely on those people who use IE and don't know how to change their default search to Google. Will bing become a verb, or will it end up in the defunct search engine entry in Wikipedia alongside infoseek, webcrawler and hotbot? In this battle of billionaires the real winners are Matther Perry's agent, nerds and those that want their porn delivered faster.

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