Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Letterman Vs Palin & the Dumbing Down of America

So there was David Letterman on Monday June 15. After a week of controversy he looked defeated. A couple of bad monologue jokes about Sarah Palin and her kids had made him into the Right Wing Enemy of the Week. For one week the gap toothed tak show host had replaced the big eared President as the punching bag on Fox News.

A planned “Fire David Letterman” rally still took place even after the apology was accepted by Palin. If the video above is any indication the crowd consisted of 15 of the stupidest people in New York City. A motley crew of morons, Leno fans, right wing lunatics who were outnumbered by the media covering them. Without any sense of irony they criticized a badly timed joke by Letterman while calling his son “a bastard” and his wife “a whore”. Are those the family values the right wing always talk about?

Sarah Palin kept her name in the news while dutifully protecting her family from the evils of Hollywood. Ironically enough if she had said nothing no one would have remembered these jokes. They would have been lost in the sea of jokes that have been made about the Palins since she gained national prominence with the Vice Presidential nomination. To prolong her 15 minutes of fame she allowed her daughter Willow to become synonymous with the term statutory rape.

It was a sad sight to see Letterman have to apologize to someone like Palin. She reminds me of those annoying people who volunteered to be scorekeeper at their local softball leagues in the hopes of becoming a school trustee. Maybe they’d complain about a book or a teacher to get ahead. Along with the ex-Miss California USA, Palin is the start of a disturbing trend. It doesn’t matter how stupid you are, all you need is a pretty face and “Christian” values to become an icon.

Truthfully I was expecting Letterman to come out guns a blazing, but his apology was understandable. Maybe a younger Dave would have been feistier, but nearing the end of his career he had to surrender. No one would want their career to be ended being called a pervert due to an idiot wanting to use her family to get ahead.

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