Monday, June 15, 2009

Could You Add Some Radiation To My Plain Bagel With Cream Cheese?

On a recent trip to Montreal I finally took a trip to Fairmount Bagel. It is one of the 2 bagel places that have put Montreal on the bagel map. On my return to Toronto I sought out the Montreal experience. I found it at The Bagel House which uses the Montreal technique to make bagels. The owner of the House worked in Montreal and stole (or borrowed) the Montreal way.

What is it about the Montreal Bagel that is so superior? Some would say its chewier then any other bagel. Many claim it is the wood oven or maybe it’s that the hole is bigger. I like it because people say it is better and I am a lemming. I can’t tell the difference when it is toasted and smothered in cream cheese but I’m a sucker for peer pressure. Well that and the bigger hole means using less cream cheese. Oh and buying a fresh bagel at 3 am makes me feel like I live in a real city.

Well the Montreal Bagel was the best thing on the marker until the release of Bagel-fuls. This is the ingenious new product from Kraft. Everyone loves bagels but no one likes preparing them. First you have to buy them at the store. Then you have to cut them in half and put them in the toaster. Think of all the trouble that can create. Arteries cut when slicing, confusion if your toaster might not have a bagel slot and burns when grabbing that hot bagel. Think of all that time waiting for that bagel to toast. It takes a minute for my toaster to warm it up. That’s a minute I could use to solve global warming or watch commercials. Finally there’s a dirty knife I have to clean after I put the cream cheese on the bagel.
When will all these bagel related injuries stop?
Bagel-fuls takes the fuss out of eating bagels. It’s a frozen twinkie looking type thing I take out of a wrapper and pop in the microwave. While it’s still a pain taking it out of the box and opening a wrapper, and I’m hit by deadly radiation from my microwave, in two minutes I have a toasty hot bread type thing with a gooey cream cheese center. It even comes in six flavours from original with cream cheese to blueberry! Why wait two minutes to toast and spread a bagel when you can microwave one in two minutes for twice the price. It makes perfect sense.

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