Monday, January 11, 2010

Social Networking Boobery

At some point in the future I expect to receive a message in my facebook inbox asking me if I wear boxers or briefs. Unfortunately it won't be from a long lost friend or a porn bot but from the company itself and the will be for testicular cancer awareness.

There was a recent flurry of female friends switching their status to colours. It was obviously some sort of viral campaign and I quickly discovered that it was for breast cancer awareness. The colours represented the colour of the bras women across the world were wearing. Some questions I never asked were finally answered.

Raising awareness is fantastic for an apathetic world. By being aware of something you can feel like someone who has actually done something concrete about the problem. I have not donated any time, money or interest to an issue but I know it exists. I am aware therefore I am a good person.

Do something by doing absolutely nothing!

The only thing I became aware of is your bad fashion sense and how easy it is for facebook to start a viral campaign.

It doesnt help if every person in the world is aware of the issue that is being raised. Is it possible that there is a single person who uses a computer and has been able to sign up for a social networking site who doesnt know about both breasts, cancer and how they interact. I know that my awareness of breasts has been raised since I first logged on the net and that staring at a computer for such a long time has raised my chances of cancer.

What is likely is that this little gem of an idea was raised in some marketing meeting and that the stats will be used to show companies the power of facebook. So when I get the testicular cancer awareness message it will be sponsored by Fruit of the Loom.

Oh and it's boxers.

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