Monday, May 4, 2009

White People Don't Like Chicken

In our ongoing fried chicken coverage we bring you a story from Rochester, NY. An advertised special at "Popeye's" closed down outlets when they ran out of chicken. It also opened up an opportunity for the television station to focus on a story important to the black community.

In the blog about the story, WHAM 13 anchor and African American Norma Holland notes "Criticism is often leveled at 13WHAM that we do not feature Black people or other people of color in our stories unless they are criminals. As a person of color myself, I am sensitive to this." . So it would make perfect sense to feature and reinforce steroetypes in a story to force the news to become more inclusive. The story would have been more powerful if it had interviews with Popeyes management and spokepeople for the black community like Amos, Andy and Stepin Fetchit. It also proves once and for all without a shadow of a doubt that white people do not like chicken. There was not one white person available in line and dissappointed that Popeyes had run out of chicken.

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And malakes love poutses